Annual Conference 2020 – Students’ 3-minute showreel presentations 

Core funded students 

Ahmed Raza
University of Dundee

Elucidating Resistance, Epidemiology and Outcomes of Clinical Enterobacteriaceae Isolates: Linking Microbiological, Bacterial Genomics and Health Care Data

Ashleigh Myall
Imperial College London

Revealing network dynamics of healthcare-associated infections

Beatriz Llamazares
University of Bristol

Reducing antibacterial resistance (ABR) through the identification of the risk factors in the perinatal period and early life of the calves that drive ABR in dairy farms

Becky McCall
University College London

Storytelling to communicate the concept of AMR

Cara Patel
University of Exeter

Three minute PhD snapshot: A day in the life of an aquatic ecologist

Jennifer Brazier
University of Nottingham

Modelling the risks of antimicrobial resistance from agricultural waste to animal and human health

Jodie Cleave
University of Exeter

Herd health planning and management of antimicrobial use in livestock systems

Jonny Burnett
University of Warwick

Next Generation Inhibitors to Tackle Penicillin Resistance

Jordan Sealey
University of Bristol

Novel discovery of AMR carriage and transmission in pet dogs to medically important human antibiotics

Kevin Chau
University of Oxford

PhD in wastewater-based population-level AMR surveillance: the day-to-day experience

Lucy Miller
Imperial College London

The health and economic impact of paediatric RSV vaccinations on antibiotic use and resistance in England

Pauline Lang
University of Oxford

Studies of Escherichia coli AmpC inhibition by (bi)cyclic boronates

Sarah Dodd
University of Bristol

Mining fungal genomes for the discovery of novel antibiotics

Wezi Sendama
Newcastle University

Ageing and the resolution of inflammation

William Hutton
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

The role of phytochemicals as growth promoters in chickens

Winnie Lee
University of Bristol

Predicting empiric antimicrobial prescribing from local surveillance of active and potential antimicrobial resistance mechanisms

Wider cohort students

Alice Brankin
University of Oxford

Predicting fluoroquinolone susceptibility in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates using machine learning

Ayodeji Matuluko
Glasgow Caledonian University

Interventions to improve the review of antibiotic therapy in acute care hospitals: a systematic review and narrative synthesis

Celia Souque
University of Oxford

Drugs vs Bugs: Fighting antibiotic resistance with a boardgame

David Mark
University of Strathclyde

Genomic characterisation of anti-pseudomonad activity of hyper-arid Micromonospora species

David Walker-Sunderhauf
University of Exeter

How to use CRISPR in the fight against antibiotic resistance

Georgina Plant
University of Bristol

Exploring uses of Sub-Cellular Fluctuation Imaging (SCFI)

Hayley Marshall
University of Nottingham

Day in the life of a microbiologist

Isabella Romeo-Melody
Aston University

Enhanced photodynamic killing of Staphylococcus aureus with XF-73

Jennifer Shelton
UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Typical day in the life of a mycologist

Kerry Falconer
University of St Andrews

A SLIC phenotypic method for antibiotic susceptibility in bloodstream infections

Paola Cocco
University of Leeds

Developing new ‘fit-for-purpose’ diagnostic tests for Clostridium difficile infection

Sally Stewart
Glasgow Caledonian University

A day in the life of a pre-Covid study manager and hospital epidemiology PhD

Salome Manyau
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Managing everyday uncertainty: an ethnographic study of antibiotic use in Harare, Zimbabwe

Sam Williams
University of Bristol

Antibiotics from the abyss

Susan Nayiga
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Understanding how and why antimicrobials are deployed in everday life in Uganda: an ethnographic study of lives, livestock and livelihoods in Tororo, Uganda