Behaviour within and beyond the healthcare setting

This research theme aims to:

  • identify specific economic conditions, social norms and attitudes relating to antibiotics in order to develop context appropriate strategies
  • evaluate interventions to control/prevent the spread of resistant bacteria
  • assess the wider costs and benefits of behaviour change strategies
  • link surveillance data to stewardship practices to understand variance in impact
  • develop and evaluate economic and regulatory models that balance the appropriate use of drugs and the mitigation of AMR while appropriately rewarding innovation
  • consider the role of existing and new business models in encouraging innovation

Project TitleMain supervisor(s)KeywordsConsortium & host institution
No project available currently-Health data science

Antibiotic resistance

Infection prevention

Machine learning


Global health
ASPIRES, Imperial College London
No project available currentlyData analysis

Information science


Public health


ARCH, University of Dundee
No project available currentlyVeterinary medicine

Social science

Public health & epidemiology

Human geography

DIAL, University of Bristol
No project available currently-Medical anthropology

History of health services

Systems and policy making

Documentary research

Oral history
AMIS & UMOYA OMUHLE, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
No project available currently-AMR
Clinical prediction

Machine learning

Statistical modelling

Antibiotic policy

Personalised medicine
STEP UP, University of Oxford