Information for students and supervisors

Acknowledging the Medical Research Foundation in publications

All PhD students funded by the Medical Research Foundation are required to acknowledge the Foundation’s National PhD Training Programme for their funding support. 

Suggested wording is: ‘Name of student is supported by a scholarship from the Medical Research Foundation National PhD Training Programme in Antimicrobial Resistance Research (MRF-145-0004-TPG-AVISO)’

Terms and Conditions

The Medical Research Foundation’s Terms and Conditions can be accessed here: Grant Terms and Conditions

The University of Bristol is the Lead Research Organisation for this award and a legal Collaboration Agreement between the University of Bristol and the Partner institutions governs the running of the Programme and its financial management.  All Research Contract/Finance teams at the Partner universities and institutions have a copy but queries can be addressed to the Programme Manager (please see under Contacts).   

Researchfish and reporting on the impact of our research 

All students are required to submit their impacts for recording on Researchfish. The Programme Manager formally captures all outputs annually (each spring) but please inform the Manager of any publications, awards and research outputs as they occur.