Seminar Series

This series of seminars were given by our residential training course alumni.

Recorded Seminars

Dr Alistair Anderson, Research Fellow, University of Nottingham
‘The Crazy Paving of an Early-stage Career in the Social Sciences: From Pet-owners’ Antibiotic Use to Animal Research Labs and Beyond’

Dr Gerry Hughes, Research and Innovation Programme Manager, St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College, Dublin
‘Journey to the Growth Zone: Reflections on my PhD in Antimicrobial Stewardship’

Dr Shirin Aliabadi, Associate Director of Epidemiology, GSK
‘Life after a PhD in Antimicrobial Resistance’

Dr Felicity Elder, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Leeds
‘Antibiotics in the Environment’

Dr Wendy Thompson, NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Primary Dental Care, University of Manchester
‘Dental Antibiotic Stewardship’

Dr Sarah Golding, University of Surrey and University of Winchester
‘A psychological perspective on antimicrobial resistance: Exploring antimicrobial stewardship in livestock farming’

Dr Rebecca McHugh, University of Strathclyde
‘Exploiting Streptomyces natural products to combat difficult-to-treat infections’