The 2019 residential AMR training cohort

Image credit: Jack Stonebridge (Medical Research Foundation)

Students visiting the Weston super Mare waste water treatment plant

Image credit: Jack Stonebridge (Medical Research Foundation)

Team 2A comprising a public health researcher, genetic epidemiologist, computer scientist, environmental scientist, physicist and a molecular microbiologist, researching and writing their media piece on immunotherapies as an alternative to antibiotic treatment

Image credit: Hayley Marshall (University of Nottingham)

Residential training 2019

The UK-wide PhD students attending the 2019 residential training course are listed below.

The three main training challenges focused on ‘Diagnosing Resistance‘, led by Prof Matthew Avison (Bristol); ‘Alternatives to Antibiotics‘, led by Prof David Dockrell (Edinburgh) and ‘Human cycling of AMR and drivers of resistance in the sewage and waste water system‘ led by Dr Andrew Singer (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology).

Oluwashina Akinsanmi, Ulster University
Farhana Alam, University of Birmingham
Simone Arienti, University of Edinburgh   
Houda Bennani, Royal Veterinary College 
Federica Boiocchi, Aston University
Daniel Buhl, University of Cambridge  
Laura Bulson, University of Exeter (Penryn)
Victoria Carr, King’s College London
Kevin Chau, University of Oxford 
Ryan Cook, University of Nottingham
Elizabeth Cresswell, University of Bristol
Sarah Dodd, University of Bristol 
Marcus Eales, University of Bristol 
Sara Gardner, Ulster University
Dr Louise Hill, St. George’s, University of London 
Claire Housley, University of Nottingham 
Rebecca Hull, University of Sheffield 
William Hutton, Liverpool School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Nidhee Jadeja, Imperial College London  
Nathalie Karaky, Manchester Metropolitan University 
Declan Kohl, University of Leeds  
Pauline Lang, University of Oxford 
Angkana Lekagul, Imperial College London  
Emily Lythell, University of Bristol 
Hayley Marshall, University of Nottingham  
Becky McCall, University College London 
Christian Møller-Olsen, University of Warwick 
Chloe Morrison, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
Hector Newman, University of Warwick 
Dr Bern Thomas Nyang’wa, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
Chris Proctor, Ulster University 
Severine Rangama, University of Warwick  
Ahmed Raza, University of Dundee 
William Richardson, University of Nottingham  
Esther Rottenburg, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Kerry Roulston, Royal Free, University of London
Catherine Rowland, University of Warwick
Jordan Sealey, University of Bristol 
Jennifer Shelton, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology 
Camille Simonet, University of Edinburgh 
Daniela Sordillo, University of Warwick 
Celia Souque, University of Edinburgh
Alice Tompson, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
Birgitta van Bodegraven, University of Manchester 
Samantha Walker, University of Edinburgh 
Fergus Watson, University of Southampton 
Carly Webb, Queen’s University Belfast  
Emily Whittle, University of Brmingham 
Ellen Young, University of Edinburgh