Annual Conference 2021 – Student talks 

Session 1: One Health AMR in a Changing World

James Delaney
University of Warwick

Identifying drivers of antibiotic resistance in rivers

Jordan Sealey
University of Bristol

Sharing of resistance genes between humans and animals to critically important antibiotics

William Matlock
University of Oxford

The Name Game: Classifying novel diversity in genomic data

Session 2 Part: AMR Through the Lens of Big Data and Modelling

Alice Brankin
University of Oxford

Machine-learning predicts the effect of DNA gyrase mutations of fluoroquinolone susceptibility in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Sian Bladon
University of Manchester

Using electronic record data to improve opportunities for antimicrobial treatments in sepsis

Quentin Leclerc
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Modelling to reveal the invisible: New insights into phage predation dynamics and the importance of horizontal gene transfer of antimicrobial resistance by transduction

Ryan Cook
University of Nottingham

INfrastructure for a PHAge REference Database: Identification of large-scale biases in the current collection of phage genomes.

Session 3 : Innovation, Regulation and Acceptability: The Roadmap for AMR

Claire Hill
Quadram Institute, University of East Anglia

Reproducibility and reliability in transposon mutagenesis library construction

Sarah Dodd
University of Bristol

Nature’s Silent Pharmacy: Mining fungal genomes in the search for novel antibiotics

Declan Kohl
University of Leeds

Engineering protein switches for the rapid, point of care detection of infection biomarkers

Rachel Byrne
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

MagnaExtract, a novel magnetic bead-based extraction method for the molecular detection of antimicrobial resistance

Pauline Lang
University of Oxford

Getting to know your enemy – structural and functional studies on Serine B-Lactamases