Annual Conference 2020 – Student talks 

Session 1: Everyday lives, everyday antibiotics: a global and cross sector perspective on use

Susan Nayiga
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Living with persistent ill-health: what tinkering with antibiotics renders visible in rural households in Eastern Uganda

Ayodeji Matuluko
Glasgow Caledonian University

Applying implementation science principles to the design and evaluation of an antimicrobial stewardship intervention

Salome Manyau
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Antimicrobials in the informal health sector in Harare, Zimbabwe

Shirin Aliabadi
Imperial College London

Do stewardship interventions targeting antibiotic prescribing in primary care have an effect on antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli bloodstream infections between 2013-2018? An interrupted time series analysis

Maria Garza
Royal Veterinary College

Can better governance reduce antimicrobial usage? An assessment of Vietnamese aquaculture systems

Session 2 Part A: Novel antimicrobials, vaccines, diagnostics and antimicrobial materials

Valwynne Faulkner
Royal Veterinary College

The identification of a novel drug target in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

David Walker-Sunderhauf
University of Exeter

AMR plasmid removal from a bacterial community using a mobile CRISPR tool

Richard Goodman
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Bacteria’s Black Market: assessing the impact of horizontal gene transfer on the evolution of AMR in Enterobacteriaceae

Anne Amulele
Kenya Medical Research Instititute

Carbapenem resistant bacteria in Kenya and resistant mechanisms

Viivi Hirvonen
University of Bristol

Multiscale modelling of Beta-lactamase mediated antibiotic resistance

Session 2 Part B: Novel antimicrobials, vaccines, diagnostics and antimicrobial materials

Sam Williams
University of Bristol

Exploring the deep-sea microbiome for novel antibiotics

Niamh Harrington
University of Warwick

Bridging the gap between the laboratory and the clinic: an ex vivo pig lung model for Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm infection in cystic fibrosis lung

Ronan Murphy
Imperial College London

Glatiramer acetate improves the killing ability of tobramycin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultured from cystic fibrosis clinical samples

Matthew Skeats
University of Bristol

Chlorhexidine polyphosphate – An alternative to antibiotics in orthopaedic bone cements?

Paola Cocco
University of Leeds

Developing new ‘fit-for-purpose’ diagnostic tests for Clostridium difficile infection

Session 3: Drivers and vectors of antimicrobial resistance

Chioma Achi
University of Cambridge

Plasmids carrying AMR genes in selected Salmonella enterica isolates

Lauren Arkoosh
Abertay University

Seals as sentinels of antimicrobial resistance: a preliminary screen for antimicrobial resistance genes in UK waters

Hannah Lepper
University of Edinburgh

Comparing the abundance of antibiotic resistance bacteria in municipal sewage with national surveillance of clinical isolates

Aoife Quinlivan
University of Nottingham

Preventing the rising tide of AMR: Utilising MOFs to remove antibiotics from wastewater

Slawomir Michniewski
University of Warwick

Bacterial viruses encoding antimicrobial resistance genes: discovery and confirmation of a novel ARG