Second PhD student cohort – 2019-20

The second cohort of PhD students funded by the Medical Research Foundation. Twelve students undertaking multidisciplinary PhD projects are based in UKRI cross-council funded AMR consortia in 9 universities across the UK.

Our second cohort are:

Jonny Burnett (SWON ALLIANCE consortium)

Supervised by Professor Chris Dowson, University of Warwick

Next generation inhibitors to tackle antimicrobial resistance

 SWON ALLIANCE consortium

Jennifer Brazier (EVAL FARMS consortium) 

Supervised by Professor Dov Stekel, University of Nottingham

Modelling the risks of AMR from agricultural waste to animal and human health

EVAL FARMS consortium

Tyler Ferguson (STEP-UP consortium)

Supervised by Dr David Eyre, Big Data Institute, University of Oxford 

Using machine learning and statistical prediction models to improve antibiotic prescribing

STEP UP consortium

Winnie Lee (OH-STAR consortium)

Supervised by Professor Matthew Avison, University of Bristol

Predicting empiric antimicrobial prescribing from local surveillance of active and potential AMR mechanisms

OH STAR consortium

Beatriz Llamazares (OH-STAR consortium)

Supervised by Professor Matthew Avison and Dr Kristen Reyher, University of Bristol

Reducing antibiotic resistance on dairy farms

OH STAR consortium

William Matlock (REHAB consortium)

Supervised by Professor Sarah Walker, Nuffield Dept. Medicine, University of Oxford

Genomics and metagenomics of animal, environmental and human samples to understand resistance gene transmission amongst Enterobacteriaceae in Oxfordshire

REHAB consortium

Lucy Miller (STEP UP consortium)

Supervised by Dr Ceire Costelloe, Imperial College London

Health and economic impact of viral vaccinations on antibiotic use and resistance 

STEP UP consortium

Rene Raad (AMIS and UMOYA OMUHLE consortia)

Supervised by Dr Justin Dixon and Prof Martin Gorsky, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Promoting use and non-use: Medicines for tuberculosis and other bacteria in an era of antimicrobial resistance 

AMIS consortium and UMOYA OMUHLE consortium

Ashleigh Myall (ASPIRES consortium) 

Supervised by Professor Mauricio Barahona and Professor Alison Holmes, Imperial College London

Analysis and prediction of carbapenem-resistance in healthcare-associated infections

ASPIRES consortium

Cara Patel (CHICKEN or the EGG consortium) 

Supervised by Professor Will Gaze, University of Exeter (Penryn) and Dr Andrew Singer, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Linking restoration of natural capital to reduction in selection for and dissemination of AMR in aquatic systems

Dr Wezi Sendama (SHIELD consortium)

Supervised by Professor John Simpson, University of Newcastle

Regulation of tissue leukocyte function in humans

SHIELD consortium

DIAL consortium

Supervised by Professor Henry Buller, University of Exeter

Herd health planning and the management of antimicrobials in livestock systems

DIAL consortium